Energy pack





It is a "exhaust air" controlled mechanical ventilation of type apparatus equipped with a heat pump recovering energy on the air extracted from the premises.

The temperature of indoor extracted air of the premises being stable at 18-25 ° C, the ENERGY PACK of COVERSTM requires no defrosting device.

Demand ventilation is controlled by a programming presence / absence and sensors HR and CO2 to simultaneously achieve the interior comfort and air quality.  Ventilation does high speed only when it is necessary, which is very important for housing PEB, low energy or passive energy saving. On the other hand, the power consumption of the fan is minimal and the heat pump still works with a high COP.

Recovery of energy on the extracted air (sensible + latent heat), is done through a pump heat high performance. The concept has been tested in the laboratory at the University of Liège and validated by monitoring situ. Heat energy thus recovered is used primarily for the production of domestic hot water and the extra energy makes the heating. It will distinguish the basic model (ECS) for the TOP efficiency (ECS + heating).

The performance of the tests according to EN14511 are 3.93 COP (coefficient of performance) and SPF (annual performance factor) in situ is very high > 3.5 taking into account ventilation throughout the year with a recovery of partial energy for ECS only in summer. The PEB encoding of this product allows you to reduce the level E from 15 to 60 points * and reach the ZEB in coupling with the PV (* calculations made by specialized office). The product is recognized in the 3 regions of Belgium.

The ENERGY PACK of COVERS TM is produced in Belgium by Belgian and design 100{60a376e8147f33a1b016011dd15d742e690c65fed90df1cab3a9d334b1400dfc} of the components are produced in EU. It offers a guarantee of 3 years via our network of dealers. Service after sales of COVERS TM consisting of a control of the installation by the manufacturer to acquire an extended warranty to 5 years.

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