Who are we?

Who are we ?

We are a group of technicians in the field of HVAC, renewable, high-performance insulation and heat pumps

Our experience of more than thirty years allows us to carry out complex projects with quality and efficiency

Our mission

For the end customer:

Our mission is to allow our customers to reach as we did for our needs, a total energy autonomy. It will be based on investments allowing fast economic return with excellent pose quality.

For the professional client:

Provide specific answers and technical service

Bringing our energy vision with our partner factories

Bring direct links with our partner factories

Choose technical and human quality staff

Our Vision

A world where human-built premises would make it possible to fill the needs of mankind with energy

What are we doing ?

  • Mechanical hygienic ventilation controlled.
  • The economical heating techniques heat pump.
  • Cold-hot air conditioning by heat pump.
  • Insulation and air-tightness techniques.
  • Energy design Studies.
  • Solar photovoltaic and thermal energy production
  • Control – Intelligent Energy Control – remote energy metering.
  • The connected house and the home automation.

We study and install with our installers projects calling:

  • To climate engineering.
  • to renewable energies.
  • To thermodynamic solutions.
  • To technical solutions for the production and recovery of heat and electricity.
  • To third party investors.
  • We offer a collaborative help and assistance cell for self-builders who want to use their skills.
  • We have a serious experience in designing and implementing low and zero energy projects in tertiary and residential buildings.                                                                                                                        

Our Certifications

Certification Recert Heat pumps, photovoltaic, Qualiwatt

Refrigeration environmental Certification

Responsible PEB and certifier PEB

Continually updated training

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